Exhale Body Rejuvenation
Exhale Body Rejuvenation
Diode Laser - Permanent
Hair Reduction

Diode Laser Hair Removal

The laser has the greatest effect on growing hairs, designed for long term hair reduction. As not all hairs are growing at the same time, it takes a number of treatments to gain control of the area.

Diode Solution

Razorlase Diode system uses state-of-the-art 808nm diode laser technology that has become the preferred method for photo epilation and the industry's 'Gold Standard'.  Reviewed articles confirm the superior efficacy, safety, comfort and high patient satisfaction achieved with this technology. 

The cooling tip has a mild aesthetic property, which allows tender areas to be treated in a relatively painless fashion.  You will feel a tingling or stinging sensation during the treatment, but most people tolerate the procedure well.  Following your treatment, you may experience a sun-burn – type sensation in the treated area for several hours

Compared to IPL, Diode laser gives a faster and gentle hair removal treatment with the concept of continuous mode.
IPL works both on Hair removal & Skin rejuvenation and other problem areas, giving both great results because of its IPL technology with variable wave length.

You will probably only need 6-8 treatments with Diode Laser hair removal technology compared to 8-12 treatments with IPL technology. Either way with both Hair removal technologies, you will still need to continue maintenance to have an overall better and long lasting result with permanent Hair Reduction


Comparision between Diode Laser and IPL

Diode Laser
vs IPL
Diode Laser
Diode Laser light is significantly more effective in targeting the deep hair growth cells
Frequency of
1 session every 4 to 10 week depending on the treatment area
1 session every 4 week
Given increased effectiveness, significantly few sessions required
Number of
Average 4-8
More than 10
You will save money with diode laser in the long run
Nearly painless
Our diode lasers use an ultra-cooling tip that is in constant contact with the skin
All Skin
By changing the parameters of long pulses and energy, diode laser can treat all skin types


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