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Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial

The hottest facial in Hollywood now available Exhale Body Rejuvenation! Oxygen Facials have become the latest craze in the celebrity world. Everyone from Madonna to Kate Middleton, Molly Simms, Heather Locklear to Justin Timberlake has had this rejuvenating treatment. Why are oxygen facials so special? What do they do for your skin?

Increases oxygen and hydration levels in the skin, leaving you with a smooth and healthy complexion. A great treatment for any occasion or regular maintenance.

Intraceuticals Oxygen Facial
Rapid Wrinkle Reduction and Skin Brightening

  • Full facial cleanse
  • Microdermabrasion of the face, neck and eyes
  • Oxygen Infusion using Professional strength serum with botanical peptides to directly target
    expression lines and wrinkles.

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Botanical peptides visibly transform the effect of facial muscle contractions and premature ageing.  The daily use serum has instant, accumulative and long term effects, especially when hyaluronic layering is completed to ensure ultimate delivery of nutrient rich ingredients. 

Intraceuticals serum’s visibly lift and smooth fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes, forehead and lip areas.  Optical light diffusers disperse and illuminate the skin. 

“The best results you can get without an Infusion”

The Facial of the Year....All Year!

Summer days are filled with heat and sun, which can lead to sun burns and skin damage. Our Oxygen Facial is a very cool, soothing facial with no heat factor. It will help your skin heal from the sun exposure endured throughout the summer months! 
In the winter when your skin is dry and flaky from the cooler temperatures, the oxygen facial will rehydrate like no other.

Did you know that on a daily basis we only breathe in 20% oxygen? The Oxygen facial pumps all that pure oxygen that we are missing into our skin. You don’t have to go to Hollywood to receive the celebrity treatment!! Book an appointment at Exhale Body Rejuvenation and experience the benefits of this facial first hand.

Oxygen Facial FAQ’S

What is it?

This treatment is very different from your everyday facial. It begins with a spray mist of serum (the hand piece used resembles an air brusher) that infuses 84-90% pure oxygen deep into your pores and treats the skin at a cellular level. The oxygen then breaks up the molecules so it is forced down and absorbed into the deeper layers of your skin. This hydrating facial is finished off by a premium masque to enhance the benefits of the facial.

I Have irritated skin; Will this treatment make it worse?
An Oxygen Facial is a cooling facial that is ideal for soothing irritated skin. It kills bacteria as it pumps pure oxygen into your pores, which is something we all need to regenerate and rejuvenate our skin and get that healthy glow. Although this facial is great for all skin types, pure oxygen will help individuals fighting eczema, dryness, acne or irritated red skin. An Oxygen facial is also a great treatment for brides to receive before their big day. The oxygen will infuse hydration and enhance your skin to keep make-up looking fresh and radiant throughout the day and night.

Why oxygen?

We brought oxygen facials to Exhale Body Rejuvenation because we promote health and wellness and this was the perfect facial to identify ourselves with. We want you to not only look great, but feel great too – helping you heal from the outside-in.

How often should I get an oxygen facial?
Oxygen facials can be done as often as you like, but it is recommended that you switch your regimes up. Try a microdermabrasion facial if you are suffering from acne, unwanted lines, or scars and then back to an Oxygen facial to help your skin heal.


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