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Detox and Inner Cleansing

Detox Tonic and Parasite Cleanse 200ml
Also Kills yeast in the blood stream. 
Contains Aloe Vera Juice 94%, Hydrogen Peroxide 5% & Fennel Extract


Kidney/Bladder Flush and
Liver/Gallbladder/Bowel Flush (4 Days) 
Includes 2 Colon Hydrotherapy and Metabolic Chamber Treatments. 
One at the beginning and one at the end of cleanse.


Exhale Detox and Maintenance Program                           

Your Kit Includes:

  Kidney, Liver and Gallbladder Bowel Flush
  2 x Colon Hydrotherapy and Metabolic Chamber Treatments
(one at the start and one at the end of the cleanse)
  PLUS one extra treatment 7 days after cleanse has finished
1x Container of SOG3  Containing over 50 types of organic vegetables, fruits, grains, essential minerals and vitamins for nutrients, continued detoxification, internal cleansing and boosting the body’s immune system.
1 x Box (60 sachets) of the GreenTeaX50 to ensure hydration levels are high and increased anti-oxidants in the body during the maintenance phase.



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