"OMG! Just had the biggest 'clean out' from the girls at Exhale Body Rejuvenation! Had a major love affair with the 'royal throne' ... finally feel like I've let it ALL GO! 
Highly recommend the experience and loved the METABOLIC CHAMBER! Kirsty Strowger & Mellisa Blackmore are very professional and supportive!"  Libby

"As a 50 year old male, it took long deliberation before I took the step or should I say leap to try colon hydrotherapy. I had always had stomach bloating especially after eating breads and pasta. I had made a conscious decision to lose the extra kilos I was carrying around the waist. After talking with Kirsty from Exhale she had explained in plain English what the benefits of colon hydrotherapy and how it would help me in more ways than just weight loss. I must say that the fear was a lot worse than the treatment. I have now had my 4th treatment and I can say that I do feel less bloated and my stomach is flatter. I am on my way to my goal weight and I want to thank the girls at exhale for making the whole experience as comfortable as it could be. Strongly recommend it to anyone out there thinking the same." Mark

"I attended my first ever colon hydrotherapy session at 2:00p.m today and can't believe how much better I feel already. I must admit, not knowing what to expect from the procedure and unsure of how 'awkward' it would be.. I'm so pleasantly surprised at that side of things.. to be honest, the whole thing was so discreet and the girls at the clinic are so professional, that any nervousness was quickly allayed. I know the benefits of this procedure have been long known but I really do feel lighter, refreshed, energized and feel that this is the kick start I needed to begin the positive changes to my health. So if you've had in the back of your mind that you would like to make these changes as well, I say just go for it.." Cheers Alanna

"Thank you Kirsty, I LOVE my new eyebrows, I have wasted time and money over the years having them tinted every few weeks........wish I had cosmetic tattoing done years ago" Trudy

"Thanks so much for making my treatment so comfortable, I had my lips done twice before and it was so painful but with those new patches I truly didn’t feel a thing. It was unreal. I love the colour as well"  Thanks very much  Stacey

"Dear Kirsty, Just wanted to drop you a line to say thanks so much for my eyeliner.  I was so nervous and you made me feel so comfortable and didn’t feel a thing.  My husband has commented on how much it has opened my eyes" Thanks again. Kelly

"Hi Kirsty, When you asked for a testimonial for your webpage I was only too happy.  I had the hair strokes done on my eyebrows first of all to fill in where the hairs were prior to the cancer treatment.  No one can tell that my eyebrows are tattooed it is brilliant. I also love the eyeliner, I wake up every morning looking like I had just had my lashes tinted the day before, you know when they are first done and  you have that dark lash line and wish it stayed like that, well now it does. All I have to do is wash my face, put on some moisturiser, add a bit of mascara and good to go. It was the best thing I ever did.  I will be get my lips done soon I promise" Jayde

"Dear Kirsty, Why did I not get this done sooner, love it, thank you" Lyn

"Dear Kirsty, It has now been a couple of weeks since my lips were done, and I just wanted to text and say, thank you.  I love them.  My face doesn’t look so washed out anymore and my lips actually have a shape.  You did a great job, and I am very happy and no one believes me that I didn’t feel a thing, the patches really work"  With regards Rachel

" Hi Kirsty I am addicted, this is awesome!"  Thanks, Shannon


"Thank you so much Kirsty, I love it....for anyone out there who is thinking about having this done and is worried about pain or how its going to look, take it from me its fantastic! Dont have worry about eyeliner anymore or eyebrow pencil, no more eyebrow tints, no more eyelash tints, not to mention how quickly you can get ready in the mornings! Its the best thing I have ever had done."


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